Odyssey the Business of Consulting Book

Odyssey – The Business of Consulting Book

“How to Build Grow and Transform Your Consulting Business”

Odyssey-the-business-of-consulting-book-coverThis book provides a career framework to help consultants build, grow and transform their consulting businesses by becoming brilliant on the basics.

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About the Book

This book is an ideal companion to the Odyssey Consulting Institute’s suite of learning materials detailing a proven system designed for consultants who want to work at the highest levels and achieve greater rewards.
The consultant’s growth path outlined in the book demonstrates how a successful consultant builds a sustainable career by working through the Odyssey process.

Explaining what consultants must do to join the top 10 percent of the profession and be rewarded accordingly, this book delivers both the tools and the confidence to develop powerful relationships with the right people and drive greater value-based revenue.

Content Overview:

  • Details an innovative, proprietary business system and step-by-step process to help consultants build their businesses and increase revenue
  • Addresses the consultative sales process with a proven methodology
  • Helps to give consultants the confidence to develop powerful relationships with the right people and drive greater value-based revenue
  • Demonstrates how consultants can join the top 10 percent of the profession and be rewarded accordingly
  • Covers key business issues, including financials and metrics

What Business Leaders and Leading-Edge Consultants have to say:

“Odyssey is a proven pathway to assisting professional consultants to make a greater impact with their clients. It’s all about a mindset that applies proven solutions to organizational problems.”

—Bill J. Bonnstetter, Chairman, Target Training International Ltd

“Odyssey is undoubtedly the best journey one can take to achieve personal and consulting success, and truly supports building a premier consulting business. Simply put, the Odyssey process works.”

—Dave Bonnstetter, CEO, TTI Success Insights International

“The Odyssey Arrow helped me design and connect my consulting business to who I am, while helping me master the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. I am delighted to see that the Odyssey teachings are now in a book so that others can learn from this approach and apply it in building their businesses.”

—Dr. Jean Ann Larson, Founder and Managing Partner of Jean Ann Larson & Associates

“I travelled to Dublin, Ireland in 2006 to learn about the business of consulting from two of the best: John and Imelda Butler.  What I learned has made all the difference in how I serve our clients and am rewarded.  Now Imelda has captured this material in a book.  It is a gold mine of wisdom, direction, and inspiration. Every member of our team will have this on their desk and we will return to it over and over again.”

—Ron Price, Price Associates & TTI Success Insights China

“This book is more than a ‘how-to’ guide. It masterfully and deliberately describes, in exacting detail, the four levels of consulting and the continuum of growth necessary to transform your consulting mindset and deliver insightful knowledge that your clients expect from you.”

—Brent Patmos CPHDA, Founder and President, Perpetual Development Inc.

“… a must-read for any consultant. Odyssey is the road map to consulting success that embodies integrity and a disciplined approach to creating trustworthy, value-based client relationships.”

—Dr. Donald Carmont, HRXL Associates


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