Odyssey SpringBoard Consulting & Coaching Process

SpringBoard Consulting & Coaching Process TM


Odyssey Consulting Institute TM offers professional consultants the opportunity to SpringBoard their consulting business to success with world-class consulting skills, methodologies and systems in a comprehensive premier proven coaching and independent learning environment, focussing on the practical implementation of global best practices.

The built-in ‘Action Coaching’ support enables you quick-start your consulting business and experience immediate consulting success for you and your clients. This program is based on more than thirty years of successful consulting and coaching action and outcomes as presented in our book: Odyssey: The Business of Consulting.


You will learn with our experienced Odyssey consultants and Coaches:

  • How to build, grow and transform your consulting business
  • Apply global best practice proven consulting business and professional strategies
  • Develop a consulting business model that works for you and your clients and “be your brand
  • Maximize your revenue generating potential
  • Fulfil your true purpose and serve your clients in a strategic result based process
  • Advance from Competent Consultant to the ‘Respected Master Practitioner’ in your profession
  • Experience the value of becoming a member of the Odyssey Alumni Movement, a worldwide community of successful consulting practitioners


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