Odyssey Competent Consultant

Odyssey Competent Consultant™ Process (OCC)

This Odyssey Competent Consultant™ Process (OCC) comprises of a series of four Webinar Modules and five personal individualized coaching/mentoring sessions. The program is intended to teach, coach and equip participants with the basic toolkit for becoming a Competent Consultant and attain personal success on the journey.


The Odyssey Competent Consultant™ Process will:

1. Show you why 50-70% of proposals are rejected, and how to get 100% acceptance.

2. Teach you how to apply the basic concepts, systems and methodologies of professional consulting and become ‘Brilliant on the Basics

3. Show you The Competency Benchmark for a Trusted Advisor Master Consultant and facilitate your growth to competency excellence into your practice –what separates the top 10% from the rest 

4. Teach you the benefits of financial intelligence and business planning including setting client fees, identifying bad business which is worse than no business and knowing when to walk away and the causes of under pricing and all its implications.

5. Show you how to help your clients achieve their goals. This is the first step to you achieving your goals.


By Completing the Odyssey Competent Consultant™ Process you will:

  • Understand the difference between the profession of consulting and the business of consulting
  • Clarify critical success factors to transform your consulting business
  • Recognize the paradigms that hinder and help build your business
  • Have the mindset shift from traditional consulting to result-based consulting
  • Recognize the power of the four critical leverage points
  • Understand why obstacles are sent to instruct not obstruct
  • Execute three essentials that consultants advise on – but forget to apply to themselves
  • Work with a professional mentor who guides you through the process.

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