Consulting Processes

Consulting Processes

  • Are you on the Odyssey consultant’s growth path?
  • If so, at what level are you engaging with your clients?

The consultant’s growth path looks at how a successful consultant builds a sustainable career and business by working through the levels and stages of the Odyssey process. We examine the four levels and explore a consultant’s development from a variety of differing perspectives, including learning, business, and communication.

Four Levels of Consulting


The Four Levels of Consulting

The model of the four parallel process levels is central to the Odyssey consulting framework. It captures the multifaceted nature of a consultant’s journey while at the same time mirroring the four dimensions of the human being: the physical, the intellectual, the emotional, and the spiritual. You must attain sufficient experience and requisite skills at each level to generate the momentum to progress to the next level.

At the most basic human level, the hand does the work. The head, the center of your intellectual faculties, is responsible for thinking about the consultant role and the heart for your emotional response to it. Level 4 is the
level of the soul, the most elevated plane, where the human simply “is.” This highest level is about awareness and mindfulness of the present moment and implies a radically altered mind-set beyond one engaged in simply carrying
out tasks at an operational level. These gradations also mark a consultant’s journey through their career.


The Odyssey Arrow Value Engagement Process


The Odyssey Consulting Arrow

  • How will you source and engage your Ideal Clients?
  • Do you have a business process and system for delivering superb client value and masterful results?

We now come to one of the most important concepts in the consultant’s Odyssey. The Odyssey Arrow is a visual representation of the path to the ultimate Odyssey goal, which is to engage with your Ideal Clients on key
assignments to deliver superb value and produce masterful results.

The Odyssey Arrow is the business development system of the Odyssey process and provides practical, step-by-step guidelines showing how consultants move from identifying their Ideal Clients all the way through to delivering a Level 3 or Level 4 intervention. The process that underlies the system is dynamic and versatile and has been adapted by high caliber consultants with many years of consulting and business experience. Trusting and following the process is an imperative.

Practitioners of the Odyssey Arrow have learned two valuable points when engaging with the process:

  • Give it due time and respect.
  • Never go to the next step until you are satisfied that the step you are on is complete to both your and the client’s satisfaction.