What We Do

What We Do

Running a successful, profitable consulting business is one of the toughest challenges in business today!  Delivering a professional service is unique and different from a normal business in many ways – therefore it needs special attention in terms of business modeling, marketing management, implementation of best practice consulting processes and methodologies in a continuously changing business environment.



Odyssey: The Business of Consulting™ is the result of a focus over a 10-year period on how independent consulting practices and small consulting firms operate successfully in many parts of the world. The primary focus is on marketing, selling, positioning and building a profitable consulting business for the long-term.

Odyssey is a journey to becoming a leading edge practitioner and a Trusted Advisor.  It teaches you to transfer best practice theory relevant to client needs while helping them to solve their own problems, Odyssey focuses on general areas such as consulting, organizational development, strategic thinking and planning, sales effectiveness, technology, community development, management structure and development, communication, marketing creativity and innovation, recruitment, executive mentoring, leadership coaching, team building, personal and career development.

Odyssey facilitates your growth through the critical levels of business from being a Competent Consultant to becoming a Trusted Advisor and respected Master Practitioner in your profession. Odyssey commits to serving and facilitating the achievement of the participants’ specific objectives and personal visions for success.

Odyssey: The Business of Consulting™ process provides the following:

  • How to advance from becoming a Competent Consultant who has a solid foundation of being ‘Brilliant on the Basics’ to becoming the ‘Respected Master Practitioner’ in your chosen profession
  • Business, marketing and financial strategies (tried and tested) that work in a consulting business which you can apply immediately
  • Potential to engage and participate in strategic and global corporate strategic opportunities
  • How to maximize your ROI and fulfill your true purpose and potential while serving your clients in a strategic result based forum
  • How to develop a consulting business model that works for you and your clients
  • How to “be your brand”
  • How to facilitate executive meetings that result in larger projects and greater revenue
  • The value of becoming a member of the Odyssey Consulting Network
  • The comrade-ship of being part of a non-competitive community of like-minded professionals



Odyssey Competent Consultant™ Process (OCC)

The Odyssey Trusted Advisor™ (OTA)

Odyssey Transformational MasterClass™  (OTM)

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