Our Applicants

Our Candidates

Our candidates are typically individual practicing consultants or those entering the consulting field who recognize the need to improve their consulting, sales and marketing skills, develop better business models, brand themselves more effectively, better understand relationship marketing and  have a desire to learn effective strategies for growing their consulting business and building an asset in the long-term.



Candidates come from all areas within the professional services and consulting fields including technology, human resources, business and personal development, coaching, organizational and management consulting, along with those who have legal and accounting backgrounds.

Our Candidates makeup also includes a broad range of small business organizations, medium sized consulting companies or those individuals who are working for large consulting companies  who have chosen to learn and focus on building, growing and transforming their consulting businesses.

The diversity of work/life experience and consultant practice among our candidates provides a rich  learning environment in the MasterClass and in building the Odyssey network as a resource for all consultants.

You are an Odyssey ideal candidate if you…

  • are an Independent Professional such as a Business Advisor, Consultant, Coach, Accountant, Lawyer, Internet Consultant, IT Professional, Turn Around Specialist, Business Analyst/Specialist, Organization Development Specialist
  • want to transform your thinking and business to be the success you have dreamed about and you know you can achieve with expert advice and support
  • are looking to understand how to positively and profitably differentiate yourself from other consultants in your marketplace
  • currently generate revenues between $75,000 to $300,000 per year and have the serious desire to double and triple your current income in your current business
  • have decided that you want to be better and to understand the theoretical and practical methodologies utilized by the top consultants worldwide in driving your business to new levels and are committed to doing so
  • want to shift your business thinking and paradigms and are willing and open to learning
  • are ready to change the way you manage your business
  • are committed to spend at least 10% of your time working on your business, instead of in your business
  • are committed to invest in yourself and your business, both with your work ethic and with a financial investment that demonstrates commitment over the next 6 to 12 months

You may not be a good “fit” if…

  • you are not serious about changing your business and don’t want to achieve greater growth and success in yourself and your business
  • you think you know it all, (the reality is you probably don’t) but if you think you do, then there is no reason to engage in the program
  • you expect to double your revenue in weeks which is not realistic. You will receive benefit immediately in many aspects of your business. While many individuals have applied the methodologies right away and have doubled or tripled their revenues with their next consulting engagement, the process takes time to work and you need time to work the process.
  • you are looking for a single “silver bullet” to fix your business problems. We suggest you won’t find it anywhere, because normally, those “silver bullets” don’t exist in this type of business improvement process. We have proven methodologies and systems that take work over time and that get results, but it is not one single “silver bullet” that will make it happen.

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