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Global Corporate Transformation

Global Corporate TransformationTM  is designed to deliver leading edge international best practices to corporate global clients by an elite ‘premier global consulting organization’

One of the synergies created by developing likeminded consultants around the world, focusing on the same methodologies, systems and paradigms to value based consulting is the kind of global collaboration that can take place among Odyssey Consultants.



Odyssey: The Business of Consulting™ and the Odyssey Consulting Institute™ is a journey to becoming a leading edge consulting practitioner and it educates the Odyssey Certified Consultant (OCC) to transfer best practice and methodologies relevant to client needs while empowering those clients to solve their own problems.

The Odyssey Movement will be the nucleus of Odyssey International internally. It will provide the platform for partnerships and the basis for forming relationships that will attract substantial corporate organizations into Odyssey International, and contribute in the delivery of significant, high value corporate interventions.