Letter From Imelda Butler


Imelda Butler pictureWelcome to the Odyssey Consulting Institute™ (OTS), the leading global training organization which enables consultants to add significant value to their consulting businesses and have the opportunity to belong to a global network of like minded consultants who assist clients with strategic business advantage and transformation.

The Odyssey Consulting Institute™ focuses on Odyssey: the Business of Consulting™ … helping consultants maximize their potential, purpose and revenue to deliver superior results for clients.

Professional practice and consulting firms are part of a $100 billion industry worldwide with an estimated growth of 16% per annum. You only need a fraction of one percent of this market opportunity to build a successful professional services firm and to be wealthy as a partner or senior consultant. Whatever role or ‘hat you wear’ in this ‘professional’ world you will need to take three steps to become a successful Certified Odyssey Consultant.


  • First, make a decision to join the top 10 percent of your profession in terms of expertise, financial independence and how you build relationships and serve your clients.
  • Second, learn how to become the best you can possibly be by applying best practice, leading edge techniques and methodologies to your interventions.
  • Third, make a commitment to become a participant in Odyssey: The Business of Consulting™


Thank you. I personally, wish you success and fulfillment of your purpose and passion in life and in business.




Odyssey Transformational Strategies


Imelda is also managing director of Century Management, a strategic consultancy located in Ireland which has partnered with client organisations in Ireland since 1989.