Letter From Dr. Shayne Tracy


Dr. Shayne Tracy picture

Hundreds of people from all over the world have experienced Odyssey in one form or another over the last ten years. We have found that each person’s experience with Odyssey is unique to them. But no matter what your personal journey, no matter where you start from, everyone gains value from the process.

I would like to acknowledge the Odyssey graduates who committed to changing the way they run their consulting businesses. I applaud their success. Your experience will most likely start with a significant paradigm shift. As you embark on your Odyssey journey, you will begin to view your consulting “self” and how you are running your professional services business differently.

It takes time to internalize the methodologies and adopt them as your own. Nothing happens overnight. It takes dedication to continue the process of implementing the Odyssey approach over many months and years.

My challenge to you is to take what you learn and put it into action. You are not alone on this journey; many others like you have experienced their own Odyssey before you. A better future for you and your business lies in store.




Odyssey Transformational Strategies