The Odyssey Consulting Institute™ was founded in 2005 by John & Imelda Butler and Dave Bonnstetter with a compelling vision to establish a “premier global consulting organization”

Odyssey provides an opportunity to consultants and those who aspire to be consultants to learn the processes and methodologies to create value for clients while enhancing and building a profitable consulting business.

The Odyssey Consulting Institute™ offers professional services consultants through Odyssey: The Business of Consulting™ the opportunity to participate in a journey to becoming a leading edge master practitioner. It teaches you to transfer best practice theory and methodology relevant to client needs whilst empowering your clients to solve their own problems.

Odyssey focuses on general areas including personal, consulting and organizational strategic thinking and planning, sales effectiveness, competency development, management structure and development, communications, marketing, creativity and innovation, recruitment, executive mentoring, leadership coaching, team building and gaining clarity and focus on key result areas.

Odyssey facilitates your growth through the critical levels of business from being a Competent Consultant to becoming a Trusted Advisor and respected Master Practitioner in your profession. Odyssey commits to serving and facilitating the achievement of the participants’ specific objectives and personal visions for success.


The results of this program have been proven time and time again as participants typically transform their consulting business so that they attract better clients for a longer term, more profitable contracts, higher yearly revenues, have more time off and a better quality of life. Participants not only transform their business but transform themselves so much so that they learn the value of developing quality client relationships and profitable techniques and methodologies that last a life time.

Odyssey: The Business of Consulting™ will teach you:

  • How to advance from becoming a Competent Consultant who has a solid foundation of being ‘Brilliant on the Basics’ to becoming the ‘Respected Master Practitioner’ in your chosen profession
  • Business, marketing and financial strategies (tried and tested) that work in a consulting business which you can apply immediately
  • Potential to engage and participate in strategic and global corporate strategic opportunities
  • How to maximize your ROI and fulfill your true purpose and potential while serving your clients in a strategic result based forum
  • How to develop a consulting business model that works for you and your clients
  • How to “be your brand” To facilitate executive meetings that result in larger projects and greater revenue
  • The value of becoming a member of the Odyssey Consulting Network
  • The comrade-ship of being part of a non-competitive community of like-minded professionals.